Love the combination of lines and circles formed by the droplets on the stems. From

Rain and dew drops are a beautiful gift from Nature. They are cold water and warm drops at the same time. In the morning walk we normally see the dew […]

Shooting Star | The House of Beccaria~

Trademark Fine Art "Morning Sonata" Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas by Beata Czyzowska Young

Faeries, Cob, Castles & Magic

COLOR MY WORLD In Africa and South America, the color for mourning is purple. In japan, however, purple likes to be mysterious. We imagine colors as the beauty in the chaos.

Green fern

verde---➽viridi➽πράσινος➽green ➽verde➽grün➽綠➽أخضر ➽зеленый

Photo (Breakfast At Zara's)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Photo (Breakfast At Zara's)

Art in Nature - leaf veins & rain drops: beautiful duck egg blue tones + natural texture and pattern inspiration