Carrie McGavock of Carnton Plantation. The Widow of the South

Alice Roosevelt - 1902 Theodore Roosevelt’s beautiful eldest daughter, who not only cut her wedding cake with a sword, defied all the conventions of her day regarding women and carried a dagger in her pocketbook, but who  also had a pillow embroidered with her most famous quote on her couch; “If you haven’t got anything good to say about anybody, come sit next to me.”

Beaufort, South Carolina. This is known as The Rhett House. The Rhett Family was the richest family in the South. The Butler Family was the richest northern family. And that is where Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind got his name. And the succession papers that started the Civil War was signed in the basement of this house.

After the monster Sherman burned our beautiful homes and towns here in the South, it took us awhile to rebuild our homes and our lives. Even after all these years, we Southerners find it hard to believe that "general" tecumseh was anything other than satan incarnate.

James and Mary Chesnut, her diary of the Civil War would be the orginal blog of the 1860's........She was from Charleston, SC.

Savannah, Georgia. The Hermitage - One of the Most Famous Antebellum Plantations in the South.

The creator of Coke was a colonel in the Confederate Army. | 9 Facts About Coca-Cola’s History That’ll Make You Go "Whoa"

This is a picture of General Robert E Lee with Traveler.

Out of the approx. 750,000 soldiers that fought for the South, these were the last three surviving Confederate Civil War veterans. Amazing photo taken in 1951.

Juana Galán (1787-1812) was known for beating Napoleon’s troops out of her village during the Battle of Valdepeñas in June, 1808. There weren’t enough men to defend the village from invading French. Juana, 21, immediately rallied all of the women in the village. When the French troops marched in, the women dumped boiling oil on top of them. Juana stood in the street with a large club and beat seven shades of shit out of any French soldier that crossed her path. The French never returned.

When a woman mourned for her husband in the 1860’s, she spent a year in mourning. Little or no social activities: no parties, no outings, no visitors, and a wardrobe that consisted of nothing but black. The following year, she is allowed to wear a shorter veil and adorn her gown with black trimmings. During the final 6 months of her mourning period, which can extend to 5 years, she may wear lavender or gray. It was not unusual for a widow to dress in mourning attire for the rest of her life...

When asked the question, "What race of people do you believe make the best soldiers?" His reply: "The Scots who came to this country by way of Ireland. Because they have all the dash of the Irish in taking up a position and all the stubborness of the Scots in holding it." (Gen. Robert E. Lee)

Iva Ikuko Toguri D'Aquino, known as "Tokyo Rose", was an American citizen who participated in English-language propaganda broadcasts by Radio Tokyo to Allied soldiers in the South Pacific during World War II. At the end of the war, she was held for a year, released, and was subsequently charged with high treason and received a 10-year sentence. She was pardoned by President Ford in 1977 and died in 2006 at the age of 90.

Josephene Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman, was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1868. Rather than having a parasitic twin, Myrtle’s extra legs resulted from an even rarer form of conjoined twinning known as dipygus, which gave her two complete bodies from the waist down. She had two small pelves side-by-side, and each of her smaller inner legs was paired with one of her outer legs. She could move the smaller legs but was unable to use them for walking. At the age of 19, she married ...

Confederate cemetery at Carnton Plantation - soldiers were buried and reburied there by the McGavock family after the Battle of Franklin.

The youngest player in AAGPBL history, Dorothy “Dottie” Schroeder was 15 years old when she started her professional baseball career with the South Bend Blue Sox. She holds the record for most games played (1,249) and was the only to play in all 12 seasons of the AAGPBL. She racked up the most career RBIs in the league with 431, and was also a stellar shortstop described as a “vacuum.” (Photo by Zim via the Louisville Slugger Museum)

Battle of King's Mountain, MAJ Patrick Ferguson, British Army, mortally wounded by Patriot mountain men militia. The Patriots defeated the Regulars and Loyalist militia in a battle that turned the tide in the South and the Revolution.

Two 150-year-old dolls have been x-rayed in a bid to discover if they were used by Confederate soldiers to smuggle medical supplies past Union blockades during the U.S. Civil War. It is thought the large dolls – Nina and Lucy Ann – had their hollowed out papier-mache heads stuffed with quinine or morphine for wounded and malaria-stricken Confederate troops.