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So true! and sometimes even when you are smiling, friends get too upset that you're happy in this situation - and they don't stop to look at your eyes. Sometimes seeing all that pain all the time is just more than the ones who really love you can bear... And they are upset you've placed yourself, or been forced into that situation again!

This is so true. I told you early on that being with you made me feel like i was home. Now i just dont know where i fit anymore. I love you.

Be w/ someone who misses you while you're apart & tells you that often.Be w/ someone you miss just as much under the same circumstances.Be w/ someone that puts nothing & no one but God above you.Be w/ someone who sticks up for you & stands by your side. Do not settle for anything less than that someone who makes you fall in love w/ them again every single day. Do not be w/ someone who makes you feel as if you have to act a certain way & change who you are to be with them.