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Wisteria Obi



The legendary Maiko Deer Obi...

geisha in all white -------- #japan #kimono #geisha

Young Maiko from the 1920s


Antique Kimono Taisho Period Geisha Hikizuri Trailing Kuro Tomesode

Oiran-Tayu is the top courtesan in kyoto( Shimabara ) ,Oiran are the same as tayu but they are from Edo Tokyo ( Yoshiwara ) ...

Maiko--Photo by Michael Chandler...A maiko is an apprentice geisha.


Memoirs of a Maiko Novice

Draped for privacy in the traveling clothes of a 12th-century noblewoman, a geisha walks in Kyoto’s annual Festival of the Ages.” photo by Jodi Cobb, National Geographic, October 1995


Street style, Kyoto edition

??????????????????????????????????????????????A couple wearing the appropriate kimono, going to or coming from their shinto wedding, and walking together. #Japan #travel #otaku

Detail of a geishas sash (obi), Pontocho

Traditional japanese geisha with red kimono

懐剣 Kaiken, is a dagger to put in a belt( OBI ) when wearing wedding kimono Uchikake. Kaiken are usually in a bag of white cloth. Women born in the former samurai had been in possession of a dagger for self-defense.