For the person who has everything, you may be able to buy them a pair of these awesome 1970s Wonder Sauna Hot Pants, which promise to ‘slenderize where you want’. Huh. Sure beats working out and dieting.

crazy vintage pants from Hicks

I wonder…

i always wondered about this...

Gotta love the ingenuity

When you got it, you got it. Nope.

Sleeping bag with pants. Because hopping around in a sleeping bag would look ridiculous. NOPE.

Southwest Airlines Air Hostess, 1968

Hot body or tacos

Hot Dog Eiffel Tower


Jason Freeny (2) Anatomical barbie

Hot tug?? Yes please!

animal mask. I wonder how many things she ran into...!

Bar stools with hot legs will give you instant sex appeal...good to know! This was too funny don't think these are the barstools for our home

wonder spot

Wonder Bread - The Fresh Guys

Taking a nap at work. I wonder if my administrators would notice?