perfect shopping trip! :)

My definition of the perfect shopping trip! :) She must be at Half-Price Book Store!

Historical fiction fans: Check out The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott, plus these 20 other suggested reads.

21 Historical Fiction Novels You Probably Haven't Read — But Should

from How To Liver Forever - Colin Thompson

Suddenly, I have the desire to arrange our bookshelves by color. art by Colin Thompson. my all time fav illustrator.


My inner book hoarder rejoices. This will be how I die - buried under a pile of fallen books.

Look, our favourite, Brattle Book Shop in downtown Boston got featured!

The USA's 10 Most Beautiful Bookshops

Wanna Go. Outdoors, Brattle Book Shop, Boston, Massachusetts photo via gigi

Over summer I am going to spend a whole day in the summer in a library reading cute books that im too stingey to buy

To spend a day exploring an old library, with a steady supply of tea, a comfy chair and a roaring fire to curl up in front of while lost in a book. I actually don't really like tea.

In case you wonder what I look like each night .... minus the snow outside ... :) ...

Cozy Night Signed Print

cozy night - Toadbriar -Kim Parkhurst A gentle snow, warm blanket, hot tea, good book.and a purring cat by your side. It doesn't get better unless it's 2 cats, and a dog or two.

No todas las mujeres, llenan sus estantes de zapatos...

No todas las mujeres, llenan sus estantes de zapatos...

Faeries books

Altered book spines as a city row of French houses/businesses. Le village de livres by Marie Montard I would do this with beach houses.

Shakespeare and company bookstore.  the oldest English bookstore in Paris.  I bought my daughter a book there, Hamlet, I think.

Shakespeare and Company (at night) - what an AMAZING bookstore! Shakespeare & Company Booksellers in Paris’ Left Bank