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Only takes 1 yard of fabric to make!

Floor pillows for living room. Only takes 1 yard of fabric to make! These would be great for the kids in their rooms for a reading corner.

awesome idea for kiddos and I have sooooo many extra pillows

DIY Pillow Mattress - 4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric- this would be awesome for an adult movie night too! no more hard floor

The Travel Pillow  A Great idea even for adults and looks so easy to make. I'm definitely making this!

The Travel Pillow: For years my poor kids' heads have been hanging over when asleep in the car. I will be making these before our road trip. It works by placing seatbelt across center flat part of pillow and simply folding over.

Free Tank Dress Pattern and Tutorial (direct link: http://www.lbg-studio.com/2012/08/comfy-knit-dress-tutorial.html)

Free Toddler Dress Pattern

Free Toddler Girl Tank Dress Pattern and Tutorial .like I'll learn to sew before the girls exit toddlerhood.

Re-Purposing: T-Shirt into Dress | Make It and Love It --- used our fabric Rainy Days and Mondays!

I was just looking for some way to use Lulu's shirts that are too short! t-shirt dress tutorial--perfect for stained t-shirts

free patern and tutorial

DIY Baby Shoes (PDF) -super cute for baby d! If only I had a sewing machine!

Diy Seatbelt Pillow

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Rice packs, use hot or cold. My mom has made these since I can remember and I swear I never have enough of them. The best for headaches and body pains.

Our wheat bags are a staple in our house.bur u never thought if making mini ones for cold packs! SO DOING THIS! Hot/Cold Ice Pack Tutorial, Such a cute and SIMPLE idea.