Marshmallow Lamb Recipe Idea | This Easter recipe will the the talk of the table at your Easter feast!  How cute! #Easter #recipes

Marshmallow Lambs - dip large marshmallows in melted white almond bark, coat with shredded coconut, use jelly bean for head, and broken pretzel sticks for legs

The Browy Blog: Easter Bark |

Swirl almond bark in holiday Colors on wax paper lined pan. Drop m onto bark and chill until firm. Would work with any holiday colors.

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7 Homemade Easter Treats ...

These adorable Easter bunny-shape treats are the perfect thing to make with friends and family for the holiday. Whether you turn a few marshmallows into a cute bunny treat or frost an Easter bunny cupcake, these sweet ideas a/

Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl: Peeps Party Ideas

Crispy Bunny Treats Although it’s a pretty standard Rice Krispie treat recipe, you can find the official formula on the PEEPS® website. If you want to make these gluten-free, ensure you use gluten-free crispy rice cereal.

Carrot marshmallows, cute and easy for Easter. Marshmallows dipped in orange candy melts, then dip one end into orange sugar and use green apple licorice or green sour straws in small strips for the stem

Marshmallow Carrots- fun food idea for Easter.sprouts are edible candy grass found at Target, Michael& and World Market; carrots are candy coated marshmallows with sugar sprinkles

Easter Springtime Bird Nests ~ Sweet treat and fun for little ones!

Easter bird's nests with chow mien noodles, marshmallows, and speckled chocolate eggs. Shaped in a muffin tin. - pretzels instead of chow mien noodles!

DIY Egg Salad Stuffed Carrot Crescents - I wonder how to do this gluten free...

Egg Salad Stuffed Carrot Crescents ~ link to instructions on page. I wouldn't use egg salad. maybe ham salad?


Easter Peeps sitting on Rice Crispy Treats nests. Added green food coloring to rice krispies to look like grass. Used muffin tin to shape nests. Could make nests deeper next time and add Cadbury mini eggs.

Easter Bunnies. Made with a water bottle ,a cupcake liner and bunny ears

Easter Bunnies -- A water bottle + a cupcake liner + bunny ears = Oh-So-Cute Easter Bunny Bottles! Free Printables - Bottle-Cap Bunny Ears,Bunny Hands and Happy Easter

Easter Nest Cookies, just top sugar cookies with green frosting  jelly beans. I can do that!

70+ Cute Easter Treats

Where to Buy 2015 easter Nest Sugar Cookies, 2015 easter Nest Cookie Ideas, Handmade 2015 easter candy inspiration, Creative 2015 easter food ideas

mind blown -- i will be the winner of movie night! ~~How to Make Peeps Popcorn

How to make peeps popcorn easter diy popcorn easter crafts peeps easter ideas easter recipes easter recipe kids recipes food tutorials

27 Easter Cupcakes That Will Make This Year Totally Memorable ...

24 Insanely Cute ☺️ Easter 🐇 Cupcakes to Make This Year 📅 Totally ✌🏼 Memorable 💭 ...

Bunny Bait! Popcorn, Candy Coating, Easter M Ms, Pretzels, Sprinkles....Yum!

Funfetti Popcorn (or Bunny Bait for Easter)

Bunny Bait = popcorn, white chocolate candy coating, M&Ms, pretzel sticks, and sprinkles. Yummy for Easter!

Easter Cup Cakes.

Recipe for Easter Egg Nest Cupcake - These are my all time favorites. The cupcake is topped with green tinted frosting and Speckled Egg Shaped Malt Balls.

Resurrection Rolls | We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ. Everyone loved them make double next year.

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ: 30 Christ-Centered Easter Traditions & Crafts ~ Ressurrection roles