teesha's circus: things I've been working on

Awesom art journaling by Teesha Moore. i'd love to see a video of how she comes…

https://flic.kr/p/dnvxS | hyper collage detail | o.k., here is a detail from a large "hyper-collage" piece that i've been workin' on a little bit at a time over the last 3 years. i managed to get a decent scan of this one as opposed to the last two pieces posted on Flickr. but be sure to hit "all sizes" and blow it up to see the actual details. thanks for taking a look!

hyper collage detail by Colin Johnson has been a professional freelance illustrator and gallery artist since his graduation from The Maryland Institute College of Art in the Spring of

Birdy Birdcage PRINT Sweet Pink Bird. $20.00, via Etsy.

PRINT Birdy Birdcage collage by me, Kate Mason. Original was handmade collage and included lots of my favourite collage elements