"Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!" Get this 42-foot tall toy rabbit by Florentijn Hofman, Örebro, Sweden, 2011 a life alert


French artist Christian Guémy aka C215 has been an active street artist for over 20 years.

So interesting...you have to see this! Susanne Ussing, I Drivhuset, installed at Ordrupgaardsamlingen 1980.

Florentijn Hofman's Big Yellow Rabbitt

Street art

Strings For Sound

in Sao Paulo they started a public art project involving 100 artists decorating phone booths throughout the city entitled, “Call Parade”.


Public art installation called "I See What You Mean". It stands 40' tall with an exterior lapis lazuli blue coloring. Created by sculptor Lawrence Argent -

Street Artist ‘Megx’ Creates Giant Lego Bridge in Germany

Sculptures called ‘Flossis’ By German artist Rosalie, on a building in Duesseldorf, Germany

Azevedo's Ice Sculptures of Melting Men

Belonging by Patrick Murphy, Liverpool

3D street art by Julian Beever

Not the first 3D chalk art installation, but most certainly one of the coolest. It was created by Erik Johansson and designed to look like "a large hole in the middle of Sergels torg public square in Stockholm, Sweden.

Philip Symonds - Street Artist

The sculpture Fat Monkey was designed by the Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman and is in Sao Paulo. It is made of thousands of colorful chinelas (flip flops).

street art