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This Limited Edition, of "The World" series, is dedicated to the Russian Empire. The end of the cap is dominated by two lions "gifts," while the barrel displays four medallions illustrating events of the Patriotic War of 1812, a mythological image, and the so-called shield of victory. The "Russian Empire" is made ​​of precious black vegetable resin, enamel, and this particular pen is appointed in 18kt gold, and has the exquisite OMAS XF nib. One day maybe mine! :)

Dr. Faltlhauser that details his involvement in "euthanasia." The text ends with the note that "the events in the [Nazi] past must always remind us how an ideology contemptuous of human life can turn the actions of a physician into an instrument of


Ann Hamilton at the Park Avenue Armory

The event of a thread Ann Hamilton’s installation at the Park Avenue Armory features 42 swings, whose use by visitors agitates an immense curtain.

Sound Of The Shofar The horn, or shofar, is mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures over 70 times. A horn from either a goat or a ram was used. In ancient Israel the horn was used to signal certain religious events, such as the beginning and the end of the Sabbath. But it was also used in other ways—for example, in times of war. We can just imagine the frightening blasts that issued from the 300 horns immediately before Gideon’s army made their surprise nighttime attack—Judges 7:15-22.