New York City Apt. The truth is, I would probably HATE this, but it's still a romantic thought...


Bond, James Bond, 30 Wellington Square, London- The purported home address of the literary James Bond was the first floor, 30 Wellington Square, Chelsea.

Greenwich Village, NYC

West Village, NYC.

Would love a large print of this to put up in our place when we find it! New York City - Lower East Side

skinny & charming

New York

Oh, how I like the big cities atmosphere! Its just... Big! Full of things to see and do.

New York City apartments.

New York Green with envy -

West Village Townhouse, NYC Ⓒ my dream home in NYC.

NYC Brownstone

NYC. Classic brownstones

The charming streets of New York City :-) How could you not fall in love with NYC <3

The apartment from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The New York City property located at 90 Bedford Street in Manhattan is a Walk-Up Apt. Over Six Families and was built in 1900. must go here

New York City townhouses - Grove Court - Greenwich Village: Take a peek into a historic part of lower Manhattan. This little court features a garden and pre-Civil War homes.


Manhattan Bridge Under Construction, 1901-1910, New York City

Central park, Nyc