Moroccan Style, ’30s and ’40s

Young girl from El Kaala M’gouna, Morocco 1952

Berber jewelry from the Northern Sahara including chains, little bells, sleigh bells, coins, beads and huge earrings.

Morocco has the largest population of Berber people. The Berbers are an ethnic group native to North Africa.

- Besancenot Jean (1902-1992) - Jeunes femmes des Ida ou Zekri aux visages tatoués. Elles portent les boucles d'oreilles, tikhorsin, passées dans le lobe de l'oreille mais également soutenues par une attache au bandeau de tête. Le collier tour de cou est fait d'une enfilade de grosses bagues. Elles ont sur la tête la toukaït sur laquelle repose soit la taounza, le diadème, soit une volumineuse couronne obtenue par une quantité de laines vivement colorées. - Arago

Young Women, from Ida Ou Zekri tribe in Souss region, with tattooed faces, a common practice in Amazigh culture

Jeune fille kabyle

Black and white portraits of Imazighen (Berber) women. The Imazighen are an indigenous African ethnic group of North Africa, most of whom live in Algeria and Morocco. The word Imazighen is said to.

Africa |  "Pretty Berber from Tagmout".  Morocco || Vintage postcard; photo Flandrin.  No 117.

Pretty Berber from Tagmout, Morocco - Vintage postcard, photo Flandrin, No 117

berbère Woman

Moroccan Berber bride wearing the traditional handira cape, made for her by her mother and sisters specifically for her wedding night.

Una mujer bereber con su ropa tradicional

ilovelibya An Amazigh woman. The Amazigh people are the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa which have been there before the Arab and European conquests. Under the gaddafi regime they were discriminated against heavily by government policy.

Africa | "Jeune femme Zaiane".  Middle Atlas region, Morocco || Vintage print; ca early 20th century

Africa | "Jeune femme Zaiane". Middle Atlas region, Morocco || Vintage print; ca early 20th century

Africa | Jewish Berber Woman.  Sous region, Morocco | Photographer unknown

Sous region, Morocco ~ Photographer unknown ~ Berber Jews are the Berber-speaking Jewish communities of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, which historically spoke the Judeo-Berber language.