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Swiss design book reflected in the fresh, simplistic use of colour and layout. The white and peach work really well together, giving a very clean look, allowing for more type to be written on the front without it looking cluttered and overpowering.

A great example of design reflecting the title/subject of the book. This particular book's all about accident and mistakes and so the book completely reflects that, with the illusion of mistakes made across it's whole front cover, but the "messiness" actually works really well and does look like part of it's design, whilst still being completely legible. The hand written type helps add to this.

A very fresh book again just with the extremely clean-cut look of white and then a plain colour. Again yellow, which is one of my favourites. The basic two-tone colour palette allows for a variety of type to be placed on the cover without it being overpowering or cluttered and as it's a very thick book, the bright yellow spine stands out really effectively.

Book cover by Studio Mendell + Oberer Graphic Design (1967). Cheeky book cover design, fitting with the title well, it plays on the symmetry of the shape of the bottom to place a cheek across both sides of the book cover and possibly crudely use the spine for the crack. But the black and white is again effective here, not such a fan of the type, maybe it would be well placed just on the spine of the book or in smaller writing possibly.