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Human embryonic stem cell A colony of human embyronic stem cells (light blue) growing on fibroblasts (dark blue). Learn more about CIRM-funded stem cell research: www.cirm.ca.gov

(David Goodsell's Neuromuscular synapse. The acetylcholine-laden vesicles are carrying and releasing the neurotransmitter (ACh) from the neuron (upper 1/3) into the synaptic cleft (the middle pink section filled with laminin, collagen, perlecan and flower-like acetylcholinesterase). The muscle cell is the bottom 1/3.

Hippocampal neuron - "Researchers use a detergent to remove the cell membrane. Platinum and carbon are deposited onto the exposed surfaces to reproduce the cell’s interior features as a three-dimensional mold, which is then examined in the microscope. This image shows a hippocampal neuron that has been stripped of its membrane to expose the cytoskeleton, a scaffold that regulates the cell’s growth and movement." Credit: Bernd Knöll (University of Tübingen), Jürgen Berger, and Heinz Schwarz

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