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I had a pekingese dog named Hokeywolf that spoke. He would say "I love you" and "I wanna go out". One of the coolest dogs ever!

Otters hold hands when they sleep so that they don't float away from each other. Talk about true friends!!

Just precious

Okay this is adorable 😘 here to find out more

High five little guy! now get in the pan and fry yourself into a delicious Cajun flavored appetizer! thanks K bye !

How giraffes sleep… that's actually pretty adorable...

i love penguins:) someone can buy me one !

  • Kat J

    They are sooo cute, aren't they...?

Airborne penguin doing an aerobatic dive back into the water! Fun or maybe more fish 😄

Pod wodą wszytko wygląda bajkowo. Zanurz się więc w głębi smaku #czarnej #herbaty #Big-Active i sprawdź, jak bardzo magiczny potrafi być świat wokół Ciebie

  • Michelle Carey Dant

    I am so sorry for repinning the same thing right after you... I didnt repin it from you. A complete coincidence! I removed it. I usually check a board after pinning and I didnt this time. My apologies. But we had good pin ideas! Michelle

  • Kat J

    Nice pic...

The definition of adorable.

  • Joan Bailie

    told a house-sitter while concentrating on my typing that I had arranged a baby sitter for my three dogs!

  • sydra robinson

    "one too many last nite and I'm feeling it now!

  • Rachel Isabel

    He's got his tongue sticking out :p

  • Joan Bailie

    The dog is adorable - what does the owner look like??

  • Carissa Johnson

    Tooo Cute!!! I have a basset and she sleeps with her tongue out. LOVE BASSET HOUNDS!!

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