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possibly the most adorable nails i've ever seen

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A little tribal nail moment on the Hello Giggles Nail Art Chat on Mightybell

<3 valentines nails

Pink / Glitter French Nails <3 them!!!!

Adorable balloon nails!

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This simple design!

Pooh nails! Adorable!

french tip nail with feather design

Valentine's Day Nails - Fashion Diva Design

20 Unique Nail Art Ideas and Designs for New Year’s Eve ‹ ALL FOR FASHION DESIGN

love the nails



For polishes she used and more info, click the link. / / / Steps: 1. Cover nails with Rain Check (the lightest color) This took about 3 coats to get to the color I wanted. Let dry. 2. Take Caribbean Blue (the next lightest) and put 3 drops onto a non-porous surface (for easier cleaning later on. I used the back of my Bundle Monster plate) 3. Take a sponge wedge, and dab the corner into the polish. Start a...