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Back to basics: Colgate's Octagon Soap

Once a staple in dry goods stores of yesteryear, iconic Colgate's Octagon Soap is still around and an economical choice for tackling an array of household tasks.
  • Amanda

    bought a bar tonight for 39 CENTS!! can't wait to try it out!

  • Monica

    Back to basics: Colgate's Octagon Soap. Uses: Dish soap Hand soap Clothing stain remover Acne remedy Bug bite/poison oak and ivy remedy Grease remover Cabinet/woodwork cleaner Stove cleaner Bathtub/tile cleaner Tick repellent Deer and rabbit garden repellent

  • Priscilla Dale

    Back to basics: Colgate's Octagon Soap | MNN - Mother Nature Network - great for poison ivy

  • Donny Perry

    Laundry soap to hand wash

  • Liz Burnett

    "I have heard tell it prevents broken arms when used regularly."

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