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    How to get started with native plants

    How to get started with native plants. A guide to creating a low-maintenance and low-cost landscape that won’t look like a naturalized meadow. (We promise.)
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    Apples are the go-to fall fruit, but if you want a little variety in your fruit bowl, try these more uncommon specimens.

    Butternut squash may be the go-to gourd in many kitchens, but why not switch it up this season with one of these more unconventional alternatives?

    Good bacteria could be a positive alternative to chemical fertilizers for food crops.

    Tree tunnels are perfect examples of how nature can be shaped over many years by humans and other external influences.

    Weightlifter Jonathan Walker lifts a giant green marrow weighing 119 lbs., 12 oz. over his head at the Great Yorkshire Showground in England.

    Ever heard of glass gem corn? This stunning, multi-colored corn is real and edible, and its seeds are now in high demand.

    The widespread domination of this invasive Asiatic vine has serious environmental consequences for the rich yet fragile biodiversity of the southern United States.

    Single roots can have thousand-dollar price tags, attracting poachers into protected lands and endangering American ginseng populations.

    An extinct squash is revived by 800-year-old seeds found in a clay vessel that was unearthed during an archaeological dig of First Nations land in Wisconsin.

    In the gorgeous new book "Seeing Seeds," photographer Robert Llewellyn dives into the fascinating world of seedheads, pods and fruit.

    Suckers, the shoots that sprout in the “V” between a tomato plant’s main stem and its branches, can easily be broken off, rooted and planted.

    Don't let spring have all the fun. Light up your home with these beautiful flowers that bloom in winter.

    How to start your own hydroponic garden #hydroponic #garden .

    If you're an insect, you definitely don't want to be caught in the sticky hairs of this carnivorous plant!

    Learn how to make these adorable miniature greenspaces!

    Whether you need extra protection for your garden or your skin, these herbs and flowers can help shoo away pests.

    non toxic house plants

    Coming in a variety of colors, textures and shapes, succulents are some of the most distinctive and gorgeous plants you'll find at your local nursery.

    Encompassing 23 acres in the center of Colorado's capital, the Denver Botanic Gardens are vast, beautiful and educational.

    Every spring, a fairytale-like carpet of wild bluebells engulfs the floor of the Hallerbos, a 1,360-acre forest located in Halle, Belgium.

    Roof gardens are serve both aesthetic and practical purposes, creating a refreshing look for your home as well as saving energy for your house.

    There are many exquisite succulent plants out there, but none are quite as spectacular as those belonging to the Echinopsis genus.

    "I didn't realize what a dead zone the lawn is until I lived in a meadow."