In 1982, five teenagers took a picture, without realizing how it had became a tradition amongst themselves. For 3 decades, John Wardlaw, John Dickson, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney and John Molony, have been meeting up to take the same photo for every 5 years.

Rania Matar became increasingly interested in the passage from girlhood to adulthood after watching her daughters grow up right in front of her. Her project ‘A Girl And Her Room’ is a perfect snapshot...

Jon Blunk, Alex Teves and Matt McQuinn,were killed in the Aurora shooting as they used their bodies to shield their girlfriends.In an age when traditional manhood has been increasingly relegated to fiction -- capes, masks and green screens -- these three men stand as real-life heroes.

este vídeo de Youtube que he visto esta mañana y que me ha parecido muy impactante. Transcurre en el popular Barrio Rojo de Ámsterdam, conocido por ser uno de los lugares del mundo en el que la prostitución se ejerce de forma legal y por los escaparates en los que las chicas se exhiben para atraer a posibles clientes.

Maori "Haka" funeral service for a fallen soldier. This is an ancient ritual tha Maoiri men have performed for centuries in New Zealand...

The Supreme Court health care ruling prompted a foot race outside the court right after the ruling came down. Pretty funny read.

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