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DIY mini photo magnets. Minus the magnets = cute little pics for diaries, scrapbooking, etc.


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// @chloeapineapple ❁

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Arte ;)

Arte ;)
The Crafted Sparrowfrom The Crafted Sparrow

18 Great DIY Love Signs





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Arte ;)

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A tutorial on how to make an embroidered notebook. Great for gifts, going back to school or university, or satisfying your stationery addiction. It's super easy!Check it out at

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[Reciclaje] Utiliza viejas revistas y un cuaderno para hacerte esta agenda súper original (vía

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DIY triangle notebook simple, fun and so many possibilities!

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Travel journals. It amazes me how people can transform the bits I would throw away into these amazing albums.

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Seaweed Kisses: The Journal Diaries- Jose's Moleskines - lots of spreads to see

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DIY notebook cover.


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just jpfrom just jp

Period Kit for School - DIY Secret Compartment Notebook Cover Clutch

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Diy Back To School Supplies For Teens Create a DIY Notebook cover that looks like a clutch purse or notebook cover but has a secret compartment for storing pads like Kotex. There's a full video tutorial for this project at the link above. Make this for back to school so your teen girl can discreetly store her pads or tampons and always be prepared - her friends will be happy that she has their back #CycleSurvival #ad…

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Notebook cover DIY originally by Elsie Larson