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    yoga farts....what?!?! I still laughed in spite of my lack of understanding yoga farts! Bahahahaha! This is so funny & so true!!

    I think I've pinned this before but who cares!!!

    I really can't explain it

    that's how i do it, I don't hate you I just wish you would live your own pathetic life and stay out of mine unlike you I don't do investigations to find out what you are doing because I don't care!!! I am happy, I am sorry you aren't! Its pathetic all of the attention you spend on me and my husband....


    With a fuck fuck here...and a fuck fuck there.... Here a fuck There a fuck I don't give a Fuck Fuck!!

    all the time

    I don't like her's annoying! Don't even get me started on her horrible eyebrows haha!

    Today I don't feel like doing anything...except you.



    There's a certain age where you can no longer use the term "Good girl gone bad" It's more like "Her old ass should know better."

    So true




    I like your humor.

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.