///// SMÄM – Illustrations and stuff. homemade labels for homemade water. The bottles I bought at Lagerhaus and labels pasted on with a regular glue stick. #water #bottle #packaging #design


Herbalist & Alchemist Branding by Chad Michael


Marcia´s Patisser 2012: Logo and Packaging design: by Eva Yarza Hilario

Smart ,simple and clean......much like me now i think about it .;-) by Alba Esparza packaging/advertising

Iced coffee in a beer bottle with a vintage label. The vintage label reminds me of old shiping labels, which works because the company is based out of a port in Newcastle. It also looks easy to modify the label for what is in the bottle.


Beautiful styling of same product but different variants - Noa Relaxation by Super Tuesday

made by bees. beautiful PD

Love this! Canada-based Happy Water has launched Neurogenesis Happy Water.

Olive Oil Packaging Design

Tap Is Terrific glass water bottle



packaging / DapperPaper


cool! might make more people want to drink wheat grass juice!

Stars Handkerchief Set