A.G. Wallihan, photographer. Augusta Wallihan—Grocery Shopping. Albumen print, circa 1895. Standing over one of her many trophy mule deer, subsistence-and-sport huntress “Gusty” Wallihan appears every inch the frontier matron with her dressy bonnet, prairie-pattern cartridge belt, floral-embroidered gauntlets, hunting knife, and Remington-Hepburn rifle.

Olden Days Chicken & Turkey Feeding. This reminds me of my great aunt & grandmother. Both lived on farms across the road from each other. Hardest working ladies I ever knew.

tuesday-johnson: ca. 1860’s, [portrait of a well-armed gentleman with a pepper box pistol, Kentucky rifle and a top hat] via Live Auctioneers, Be-hold

The Goat Carriages, Coney Island, N.Y. photographed by the Detroit Publishing Company in 1904 on 8x10 glass plate negative.

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