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Folding money book: Dollar Origami: 15 Origami Projects Including the Amazing Koi Fish

If you're giving money as gifts, here are some funny folding techniques.

If you hate just giving money as much as I do, check out www.origami-resou... for a whole list of different designs .. or just google money folding :)

Clever Money Or Gift Card Holder this idea! Picture only for inspiration.

Folding money into a shirt

Folding money. Fun to use with the box of balloons. Different shapes in each balloon?

Money origami~ a twist on giving plain old money for a gift :). Great way to leave your tip & make your waitstaff's night!

The Foldin' Money Design Kit Catalog - okay you could buy the how-to book, or figure it out yourself. *shrug*

That's one way to store money. A robber comes in, sees this thing, and wonders,"How do I buy something with THIS?"

money origami baby booties. Cute as decor and then Mommy can take home. :)