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Bust of the Roman God Janus

ancient roman glass

Roman silver with partial gilding Janus head balsamarium. 2nd-3rd century CE

Origin of the names for our days of the week. I've known this for a while but have never seen it layed out like this.

Ancient Egyptian Greco-Roman figure of Isis-Aphrodite; her calathos/crown has the winged sun disc and horns of Isis.

Roman mosaic fragment of the 2nd Century at the Bardo Museum in Tunis #Roman #mosaic #ancient

Ancient Greek & Roman Sculpture: Artemis Diana of Versailles

Bronze portrait bust of a young boy Roman Julio-Claudian 50-68 CE

A Roman Marble Statue of Hercules, Recalling the Demi-god's Role as Founder of the Olympic games.Hercules wears a wreath of white poplar leaves and a fillet with its ends trailing over his shoulders.The fillet marks him as an athletic victor, and white poplar was associated with the Olympic Games, which the hero was credited with founding in honor of his father, Zeus.

Ancient Roman Hekateion; a triple-bodied depiction of Hekate with the goddess's torch attribute. (Metropolitan Museum)

Jupiter Ammon with ram horns - Ancient Roman from 1st Century CE.