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    OM...The teenage years. LOL who hasn't had this ?

    • Paula C

      Boone's Farm ~ Strawberry Hill, for the discerning teenaged drunkard, ca. 1967 ... I remember this was the 1st thing I got drunk on when I turned 18 (and then the turds upped the age to 21 about 6 months or so later ... grrrrr ... waited all that time and then allowed to drink for a few months and then had to wait ANOTHER 3 years ... lol) Boone Farms Apple Wine ruled the 70s! PCC

    • Cathy Patzlaff

      Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine ~ 99 cents a bottle in the day. Tasted like rancid very first illicit drink! ~ ca. 1970s.

    • Marilyn Warren

      Boone's Farm ~ Strawberry Hill OMG! I do so remember collecting all the pocket change from family gatherings, putting it in a bag and going to the local store to buy as many Boones Farm as we could with the money. Once we bought 17 bottles at $.98 per bottle. Ah, the memories!

    • Cecelia Oliver

      Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill - I see they have "upgraded" from a metal cap to a plastic cap since my high school days. LOL

    • Carolyn Emerson

      Boone's Farm ~ Strawberry Hill, oh yea, I remember , every Saturday night we go cruising with our Boone' Farm.

    • heidi-man

      OMG, Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. Evil, to make it taste like Shasta Strawberry Soda. It was Fizzy & Sweet & Cheap. Wicked.

    • ♥ Debby Johnson   دبي جوهنسون

      Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill, our "drink of choice"---UGH! I STILL remember the tatse of this stuff

    • Lauren Price

      Boones farm strawberry wine - Who didn't try this in high school? LOL!

    • Terry Miner-Ball

      Ah yesssss, Boone' s Farm. Such memories--or lack of.....

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