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Stink bug traps lure buyers and bugs - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Don't be bothered by the bugs this summer! Try this "bugs be gone" spray.

Rescue SBTR-SF4 Reusable Stink Bug Trap by Rescue. $12.49. Stink bugs dehydrate for easy disposal. Non toxic mode of action. Reduces damage to gardens and fruit trees. 7 Week outdoor attractant refills sold separately. Reusable stink bug trap. Reusable Stink Bug Trap is used outside in spring, summer and early fall. These pest insects within a 30 foot radius using multiple pheromone attractants. The stink bugs crawl or fly to the trap, walk up the green fins an...

DIY Natural Insect Repellant - Non-Toxic Alternative to DEET Bug Spray - #essentialoils #pestcontrol #naturalremedies

Stink bug trap! Stink bugs are an invasive species in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. (probably other areas to). This video shows how to make a $3 trap (use a dollar tree LED instead of the pricey Home Depot one), but don't kill the bugs. They make AWESOME fishing bait for pan fish and trout--as long as they are alive.

Gonna need this in Florida-15 Home Remedies for Bug Bites and Stings

USDA ARS Scientists Test Improved Trapping Methods for Stink Bugs: Stink bugs aren't just annoying, they're actually a threat to many of our fruit & vegetable crops as well.

Soda Bottle Stink Bug Trap - still need to try this. What are you doing to battle the stink bugs?

Rescue SBTLDT8 Stink Bug Light Attachment by Sterling Rescue. $11.45. Special blue LED attachment that fits over the Rescue stink bug trap. Trap and light work on their own without rebaiting. Stink bug light attachment. Non-toxic mode of action. Insects dehydrate for easy disposal. The rescue stink bug light is a special blue LED attachment that fits over the rescue stink bug trap. Non-toxic mode of action. Trap and light work on their own without re baiting. ...

Stink Bug Traps--pin it and let's get ridda these stupid things! #Stinkbug101