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    Stink Bug Trap on Front Page of Lancaster New Era Newspaper. This trap was a life saver

    Brown Marmorated Stink Bug - Lets Trap These! (and watch this #video to find out how to erase their smell!

    Strube's Stink Bug Traps: The Traps That Work! They Do!!! THANK Heavens!!!

    USDA ARS Scientists Test Improved Trapping Methods for Stink Bugs: Stink bugs aren't just annoying, they're actually a threat to many of our fruit & vegetable crops as well.

    I got this at ACE for $5 and have seen a significant drop in the flies on my porch. Put it away from where you hang out, 1. because it stinks 2. because it attracts the flys so they can get trapped. If you are sitting near it you might attract them more than the trap & then they are bugging you.My porch is finally pleasant!

    Stink bugs bothering you? Delaware Twp. man invents a trap you can make |

    These little freaks destroyed all my pumpkins and winter squash. I am at WAR!!!! -> Traps for fighting the inevitable stink bug invasion - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post

    Stink bugs bothering you? Delaware Twp. man invents a trap you can make.

    A DIY trap for stink bugs.

    We are not knocking any other Stink Bug traps out there, our goal is to decrease the number of Stink Bugs and we need all the working traps we can get into the homes and buildings to make this possible. We are saying that our trap is efficient, cost less, easier to use and maintain. We are offering one more option to purchase or build a Stin...

    Stink bug death trap...

    RESCUE! Reusable Stink Bug Trap - the only trap for stink bugs that can be used both indoors and outdoors and reused year after year. This photo shows how to convert the trap for indoor use using the Stink Bug Light. Non-toxic mode of action and easy disposal of bugs. StinkBugSmackdown...

    I found this in my stink bug trap. Any idea what this is? All my oak trees have bore holes in them. Someone said maybe Emerald Ash Borer, or Asian Long Horn beetle but its different from them both??

    If stink bugs are eating your garden or fruit trees this is the quickest most effective way of destroying them. Strube's outdoor stink bug trap was specifically designed to control stink bugs and it has been proven to quickly reduce targeted infestations. www.stinkbugtraps...

    Stink bug trap for outside. Plus this guys fun to watch :) I'm going to try this. I hate these creepy bugs and have learned that they will just keep getting worse!

    Our Plant Your Herbs website offers a company that has safe organic pest control products. This company offers one product that kills stink bugs on contact. Not only do they have an effective pest control, but they also offer a Stink Bug Trap. So, if you are having a stink bug problem, then go to the Plant Your Herbs website and visit this page to see their product and order it:

    Bonide 198 Natural Stink Bug Trap by Bonide. $15.00. Attracts and catches stink bugs. Stink bug trap protects homes and gardens from the population explosion of stink bugs. All natural, non-toxic, odorless. One dual action lure; 3 disposable traps. Protects fruit and vegetable gardens. Stink bug trap protects homes and gardens from the population explosion of stink bugs around the country. Our dual action pheromone lure in its controlled release dispenser lasts 4 weeks. Attra...

    Stink bug trap & lots of stink bugs from last night 5/26/12. Lancaster PA.

    The Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap Refill by nth Solutions by nth Solutions. $9.95. Refill attractant for The Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap. 100% food grade product. Up to a 60 day supply. Includes: a concentrated bottle of refill attractant, a measuring spoon, trap container and lid.. Non-toxic. Refill attractant for The Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap. Refill package contains a concentrated bottle of refill attractant, a measuring spoon and a trap container and lid. ...

    Stink bugs caught in one hour on the Strube Stink Bug Trap.

    Strube's Stink Bug Traps in Pest Management Professional Magazine. Follow link to read full story. www.mypmp-digital...

    They're back - stink bugs :-( DIY stink bug traps from soda bottles.

    DIY Pest Control. Why spend hundreds of dollars calling an exterminator when you don't need to. The Strube's Stink Bug Trap was originally designed to catch stink bugs, however it has proven to be very usefull to catch a wide variety of home & garden pests. Corn rootworm beetles, Kudzu bugs, Oriental beetles, Cucumber beetles, Longhorn beetles, Flies and more..

    News story about our agricultural stink bug trap. This trap has been documented catching over 1500 stink bugs and hour. This trap is an effective tool to manage stink bugs from destroying crops without the need of harmful pesticides. For more info stop in www.stinkbugtraps...

    Have you ever seen a four foot stink bug trap :-) Repin, A lady in NJ contacted us and said your traps work great but there are so many stink bugs on it my husband is picking them off with needle nose pliars so we can catch more. She asked "do you have anything bigger" .. Well thats the wrong question to ask me hahaha .. I built her a four foot stink bug trap and this is part of what it caught :-)