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The future of religion will be cosmic and transcends a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. 🔷🔹

It's Your Move: When God is Waiting on Us

Sometimes we pray for things expecting God to move; when in reality, God is waiting on us to walk through a door He has already opened.

Most people don't understand they want the person you use to be back and I'll never be her again

They are the generation of entitlement even though they have not earned it. We have liberals/progressives to thank for that nonsense!!

Manual Driving Made Easy Servicing Mount (Mt) Waverley and surrounding Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

Never judge people who have little to nothing, as one day you may find yourself having nothing at all.

This is so true! We are all Americans, not hyphenated Americans!

We exist in a vibrational reality.

Here's a happy thought for all that understand! With instantaneous global communication, there's no practical way you can miss the absurdities of the concept of god! As the impractical path of faith becomes so blatantly obvious, the baby makers of today can't ignore it! We've been manufacturing believers for a god we invented! infj4kids