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Architect’s Christmas tree…

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Pokemon Proposal. Best thing ever.


The Christmas prank master…

The Christmas prank master… Ha ha...I need to remember this one...I just got an idea for when I visit my parents.

Procrastinaut: 13 things to waste your time with this weekend

Okay ... If I had an extra fridge in the garage ... I would want it to be THIS FRIDGE! Come ON! That is kinda awesome!


Abide by the Assassin’s Creed…

Best day at work ever.

Ubergizmofrom Ubergizmo

Comic Book Keyboard Stickers Brings Your Favorites To Your Fingertips

Superhero keyboard skins How come everything superhero themed is 1000 times better? These Superhero keyboard stickers are no exception. Stick them right over each key for a unique geeky computer experience.

Portal door. I want a room in my house that only has one way in/out with this portal door. Theme it after the game Portal/Portal 2.

This is My mom....we were never allowed to decorate the tree! It's no wonder I can't in my adult years....


First Kiss…


If you’re ever sad, remember that Patrick Stewart’s twitter picture... is this.