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The O'Jays

The Sky

"hot sand, hot sand, hot sand!"

Photo Bombing


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aww fun!

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Sah Weet

looks like such a happy little guy

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In case you were having a bad day, here's baby pig enjoying a shower..

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

This Year's 45 Most Lovable Baby Animal Pictures

Kangaroo Saved

Kangaroo Joey

Kangaroo Rescued

Joey Rescued

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Rescued Baby

Kangaroo Diaper

Orphan Rescued

Baby Kangaroo In Pajamas

this kangaroo joey was rescued from a forest fire.


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too cute :)

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run lilturtle ,run

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Run baby run...

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spring come soon!

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Too big!

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Don't be sad. Look at these baby ducks. :) / A TINY DUCK SITTING LIKE A HUMAN Okay - so I posted a baby duck on fb... if you like this post I will assign a cute animal for you to post on your wall - in an effort to spread the joy of cuteness. I'm a sucker... lets see if you are too... lol

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baby otter snuggles

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cute animal babies - Yahoo! Image Search Results here to find out more #animals #babyanimals #puppy #kitten #deer #dog #dogs #cats

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So cute!!

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eeeeee! so cute

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Awww :) we have a black lab and a duck that were like this! A year later they still are!!! Best friends! Xo

It'S Monday


They'Re Goin

Leetle Mini

Airplane Noises

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Dreams I'M

Running Duck

Mini Duck

Leetle mini duck tocks are The Best Evah