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Sound and Light Show at Jerusalem City Museum of Citadel of David and Jaffe Gate by Richard Nowitz

Zion Gate (hebraico: שער ציון, Shaar Sião, ou Bab an-Nabi Dawud ("Profeta David Gate"), é um dos oito portões nas muralhas da Cidade Velha de Jerusalém, Israel.

Bab El Sahyoon باب الصهيون = Zion Gate at Armenian Convent - the Old City of Jerusalem. Pray for the peace of His people in Israel and around the world. (Hebrew: שער ציון‎, Shaar Zion, or Bab an-Nabi Dawud ("Prophet David Gate"), is one of eight gates.

Tower of David, located just next to Jaffa Gate - one of the entrances into the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Israel, the ancient city of David. Wow, to walk where Jesus walked!

Bethlehem Israel

Bethlehem, West Bank - went to Israel in 2006 & visited the Church of the Nativity!

Patamar das Cariátides, Atenas, Grécia | Porch of the Caryatids, Athens, Greece # História # History

Porch of the Caryatids, Parthenon, Athens, Greece.According to a theory, the name of Parthenon means the "temple of the virgin goddess" and refers to the cult of Athena Parthenos that was associated with the temple.