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Everything painted in Slipper Satin except ceiling which is Stone blue. I adore the huge mirror and the flooring here. So clean!

Sookie's got shades in all her windows on True Blood! Have to keep those vampires out of the sun, you know...

The folks at Paramount spared no expense or detail while building the set for White Christmas in 1954, and that includes roller shades on the entry doors!

This still from Sleeping With The Enemy proves that this dark film could have been even darker if they lowered the shades!

On Ugly Betty you can spot super translucent shades on the office windows! Dont want to fade that beautiful orange carpet!

It is almost hard to tell they are shades! The printed landscapes reveals an actual landscape through the window when these shades are rolled all the way up in the film Penelope, starring Christina Ricci!

Though the show didn't last long, GCB did have the right idea by putting solar shades on the ranch living room set to protect that bold furniture!

The police in the film the Grand Budapest Hotel may not get to stay in the fancy hotel, but at least they get a shade on their window in the office!