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Bloggers, journalists and copywriters from all industries turn to the Associated Press for its golden writing rule book, the Associated Press Stylebook (AP Stylebook for short), which AP itself names "the journalist's bible." | The LC Studio

Obama derides 'reckless' plan to repeal now, replace later

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine, Obama sought to dispel the notion that Republicans could fulfill their campaign promises to gut the Affordable Care Act immediately without risking devastating consequences for consumers. Calling that approach "irresponsible," Obama urged Republicans to do the work now to develop an alternative. President Barack Obama (Susan Walsh/AP)

Grab this great STRIVE 4 A FIVE, STUFF YOU MUST KNOW COLD handout. It is an adaptation from Sean Bird's material at Covenant Chrisitan. There are six pages of everything important for the AP CALCULUS AB STUDENT to know backwards and forwards. It's a handy reference sheet.

AP English Language Final Essay Strategies Review Sheet

This one-stop-shop handout reviews strategies for all three AP English Language essays in a concise format suited to last-minute, week-of preparation. Use it to recap what you've been teaching all year, or edit it to include strategies you emphasize in your class.