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"If I were an enzyme, I'd be a DNA helicase, so I could unzip your genes."

A little bit of science humor

Physics, tho a lil bit different aye I should post this in my classroom! What do you think @Kate Mazur H ? Lol


Reasonable exam answer…

Reasonable exam answer...

from BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 20 Jokes Only A Physics Nerd Will Appreciate

20 Jokes Only A Physics Nerd Will Appreciate - BuzzFeed Mobile

Scientist Punoff Time, Halloween Costume edition. My friends aren’t punny enough.

Lol smartass physicists. Please do not observe the coffee machine. It will change quantum states.


Bill Nye trying to do the right thing…

Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill.bill.bill.bill! & Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 The two people I get told I look like the most.