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    three of my favorite British men and their cheekbones! I was totally born in the wrong country.... :(

    Why I love BBC's Sherlock

    ♥ ♥

    I seriously watch more British television than anything else.

    HE'S REAL.

    Rose: Aren't you a beautiful boy! The Doctor: Thanks. I've been experimenting with back-combing... oh. #DoctorWho 2x11 "Fear Her"

    There you have it - read the Silmarillion for some more info. - including the fact that "the Undying Lands" may not actually be cooler than where humans go after death...but that's another story...or another book, at least.


    Things the Doctor has taught me: There is always hope. #doctorwho #eleven Vincent van Gogh; i want to cosplay him. He is my favorite painter and not cosplaying him doesn't feel right.

    A Fangirl's Comprehensive Guide to Sherlock


    So cute! XD

    BBC Sherlock Inspired John Watson pendant by TheNerdyOne on Etsy, $15.00 The two match!

    57 British Actors Every Geek Will Recognize <---This is obviously ridiculous. Everyone knows that there are only 20 British actors, tops.

    is this real...

    Best of British Cheekbones!

    Is this for real??


    It just got real

    I need these, seriously.