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i was always jealous of my cousins rainbow bright doll, brings back the memories :)

100% artificial, no real fruit juice added

É da sua época?: [1980] Cola na Mão

Personalidade Chocolate | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Cash Registers - Non Computerized These fascinated me when I was young... Those cashiers could get their fingers to fly over the keys. It was machine magic.

Operation! This game scared the crap out of me; I don't think I'll ever play it again. It's now become a phobia...too stressful! It may have traumatized me, hence I didn't become a doctor. lol

Raggedy Ann...mine had the same dress. I still have the dress on a stuffed animal.

Quinta Pin y Pon by anatchim, via Flickr ~ A friend of mine had this! I love Pin y Pon! #toy #80s #pinypon

Dinosaurs! "Not the Mama" - this is where I got my grandma name ... started as "Not the Mama"

I think this scared me every time the timer went off

They were selling Monchichi not too long ago at Target. I wanted to get one for Munchie (Yamaan), because he's my little Monchichi...I think I missed out though, haven't seen them in a while.