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Sleepwalker. Photo by Alex Stoddard, a very talented high school student. He did a series of 365 incredible photos.

andre breton paintings | Andre Breton- The Surrealist Manifesto (1924)

Smoke bombs ignited in the North Italian mountains, taken last weekend by Filippo Minelli.

Sleep Elevations and Dreams... Although often overlooked, they tend to help with everything♥

A blue cloud hit a wall and released a deluge -- Krink: London graffiti

White clouds - This reminds me of the Peter Pan Ride at Disneyland :) Imagine having these hanging in your home high enough that people can walk beneath them, or maybe a few small ones just above a crib in place of a mobile. Not sure how one would make these though.

Petit nuage - mylovelything

I felt like i was responsible to keep up the good mood for both of us. Like going to work sometimes. Honey, please, it is your turn or i have to leave.

Eloise Renouf print. Check out her etsy shop. Lovely prints that speak to my own drawing style. Clouds, trees, abstract stems.