eggplant zebra ::

Make a tangerine snail.

Spend more time making fun food with your kids and less time trying to find it in the store! Let Shelf Scouter make your trip much easier!

anna-wili paper sculptures

Food art

The American Dream - sand sculpture installation by Chad Wright

Funfood Giraffes. Bananas, apricot, pears and blueberries.

pae white - porcelain popcorn with gold glaze

fun with veggies

tagliatelles de legumes

Apple butterfly love from Farry Mind:

somewhere In Olso, Norway. Tom Simonsen

Brock Davis

The jackpot of Valentine food inspiration

Fun Food~Cauliflower Poodle Sculpture

This is your lunchbox food for the kids Ann! Food art | #food #art


fun ways to get kids to eat veggies


food art

Food Art