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A real BEAR in the morning

Funny I said I had a bowl this morning and my sister says and i drank the milk

Hahaha so true.



Love Audrey quotes

I’m actually happy…

just think about that.

Sad, but true! #resolution #humor


I have has some of my teachers say this :/ though with other people outside of class I can be the loudest person

I am sooo guilty of this. I set my alarm clock and hour before I have to get up..

This is me...every day. Lol I am not a morning person.

LOL!! That's actually really true!


Everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and you make bad decisions. #worklife #truth #cantfixstupid #baddecisions


I wish girls would at least do a little research before they start a lying sob story on something they clearly know nothing about. Anyone with a brain can see the mile wide holes in your story.

If only I could understand it for some people. #funny #quotes