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  • Courtney Jane

    Such a great idea! Sheet music ornaments!

  • Joanne Etoll

    Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament Stuff a clear ornament ball with pages from a battered book to add a handmade accent to your Christmas tree. Materials Two pages (or photocopies) of text from a book Paper trimmer Round glass ornament: clear 8-inch length of 1/8-inch-wide satin ribbon: black. *I should do this for Sam's first Christmas tree and use all her songs she played for festivals!

  • Eliza Anne Handbags

    Love this idea! Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament with music sheets! Make TJ a Christmas tree like this?

  • Amanda Smith

    For the kid's music teachers! Love this idea! Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament with music sheets! So cute! More unique ornament ideas:

  • Heather Schon-Cain

    Such a sweet idea for holiday gifts. Use paper scraps or old sheet music to decorate a glass ornament, and personalize the gift by using the sheet music of the recipient's favorite song.

  • Tamara Dawson

    Awesome DIY Christmas ornaments!! My favorite - Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament... Get the clear glass ornaments at Michael's when they're on sale!

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Such an easy thing to do and makes for an adorable ornament. Not to mention it's a neat way to get the "real" tree inside, even if you have to settle for a fake tree.

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