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Blue Marble Clock. This art is a most unique clock for a very special person. It is one-of-a-kind fused glass screen melt art glass that can not be duplicated. The glass has layers of colors, like a marble, that catch the light and reflect a different mood as the day's light changes. You may glance at the time every once in a while, but you will fondle the glass with your eyes. Comes in a metal stand.

Pastel Cakes and Dreamy Decor - Heart Handmade uk

Modern wall clock, Handmade Clock, White clock, Round wall clock, Office wall clock, Chocolate clock, Gold wall clock, Personalised Clock. Wall clock, completely handmade. Created Russian designers in the creative studio. Our clocks are the best decoration of any interior. German,

Hoop, There It Is! How to Turn an Embroidery Hoop into a Clock

Paper Christmas Decorations

Paper Christmas Decorations - The holiday season always brings out the generous spirits and creative sides of everybody. Children and adults alike look forward to this time of the year to give their loved ones the best holiday presents. …

BMW R32, 1923 - Original Handmade Drawing Print - The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome, A3,home decor