Make REAL LASHES look JUST LIKE FAKE LASHES! Step 1. Line the root of your eyelashes with eyeliner 2. Curl your eyelashes 3. Use a brush to dust your eyelashes with translucent powder 4. Put on mascara! Adding translucent powder to your eyelashes before mascara makes them look thicker and longer! (you guys this website has SO MANY great makeup tips!!)

How To Get MASSIVE Thick Long Eyelashes 2! - NO Falsies! Love her eyelashes!!

I'm never putting eyeliner on the same ever again. Pin now read later.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler while applying mascara at the same time to keep them curled longer


Long Eye Lashes At Home: I have listed a few home remedies in the articles to help you get longer lashes.

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How To Apply False Eyelashes. (it's way more easy then you think!)

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This is not a step you skip!

How to make it look Like you have fake lashes

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Using a Q-tip coat your lashes with baby powder. Then apply mascara and repeat. The baby powder clings to the lashes making them appear longer and thicker.

pretty makeup for hazel eyes. light purple across lid, darker purple/brown in crease, gold highlight in middle of lid and at corner, brown underneath eyes, black or dark green eyeliner in waterline and on top lid close to lashes

Foolproof cat eyes! Smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner, and angled brush! via nerdygirlmakeup

Between applying each coat of mascara, dip a q-tip in a little baby powder and run across lashes, focusing on the tips. The second coat will attach to the powder for a longer, fuller look. WHHHAAATTTTTT?!??

smokey eyes <3

mixing feather & liquid eye shadow..faux long lashes & dark mascara....perfection for hazel eyes... @Tailor And Stylist