How to turn plastic grocery bags into "plarn" or plastic yarn - great for crocheting durable tote bags! wow... so cool

How to make Plarn (which can then be made into rubs that don't biodegrade for 1000 years).

Plastic grocery bag tote

plastic bag yarn 25 Ideas of How to Recycle Plastic Bags on America Recycles Day

nurin kurin: Crocheted basket with transparent tubing

how to make baskets from recycled plastic bags | How To Make A Basket Out Of Recycled Plastic Bags - Mt Jibbaroo ...

Image detail for -Making Crochet Rugs From Plastic Grocery Bags

Magic Knot to join yarn. A tiny knot that won't come undone ❥ 4U // hf

DIY Plastic Bottle Basket-great for organizing the kids

The Ultimate Plastic Grocery Bag - Pattern <3

Bags out of pillow cases......why did i never think of that???

This looks really cute! And even though it's knit, you could do the same with crochet and the rope look with a certain kind of yarn! Might just have to try for fun some time!

Get eco friendly and reuse all the plastic bags you have laying around the house to crochet a tote. This free crochet bag pattern uses a K hook and plarn.

Crochet Baby Owl Blanket

It's crocheting, but it's knitting. Oh My!

The advantage of crocheting over rope is that it allows you to make crocheted items with substance, form, and weight," says designer Lena Maikon. "You can crochet a sturdy carpet that is heavy and stays in one place. - (leisure arts) forgot about this technique

crochet grocery bag

An Upcycled Plastic Bottle Charging Station

Good Ideas For You | DIY Wooden Yarn Bowl I've got a couple of wooden bowls that split on the side, this should be a good use for them.

rag rugging at its best