Incredible cleaner!

It's good for kids to be embarassed, it lets them learn it's okay to not take themselves too seriously.

Been there, done that!

I hate the kids that do this in stores and restaurants almost as much as I hate their parents who allow it.

Totally me!! LOL "Don't expect a 'Bless You' after the 5th sneeze. Get it under control." #ecard #medicine

because of you

I was told this a few times!

Someday you shall hear my words come out of your mouth when lecturing your daughter. And on that day I shall laugh! Love, Mom.... I already sound like my mom now!

This is BEYOND true in fact the last scene happened to me last week! #motherfunny #spon #cbias

I still have some clothes like this

We will continue having lots of meetings until we find out why no work is getting done.

Why is it so wrong to say this?

lol. but it's so funny.

This is for you A & Z.....haha. I really need to frame this and give it to my two lovely angels as wedding gifts. hahaha




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and that's really how it works...

Hell has no wrath like a mother whose phone calls aren't answered.

any mom or wife!