Dayak Kenyah tribe, East Kalimantan in Indonesia

This woman's eyes are simply captivating.


Suri Tribe Woman With An Enlarged Lip, Kibish, Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

**Indonesia ~Borneo | A Dayak woman wears heavy earrings which pull down on her earlobes in a village near Mahakan River | © Charles & Josette Lenars

Mother and child - Padaung tribe of Myanmar

garden of the far east

Coconut Woman, Mozambique, 1970

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Mucawana Tribe Girl, Ruacana, Namibia | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Himba woman, Namibia

Woman from Havana, Cuba

Mursi woman

Oldest Living Person - Chinese woman born in 1885, 127 years old.

beautiful woman, beautiful photo

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Gripping. Radiant. What beauty looks like in 21 different cultures, from the U.S.'s East Coast to Indonesia (and everywhere in between).

Suluk girl from Mabul. Borneo.

Jamaica woman

Young San girl kisses and old woman on the forehead - Martin Harvey Photography - Photographer