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Use spray paint and a pretty polka dot label- great storage idea for the MILLION matchbox cars and small toys in our playroom

I never thought to look in the "screw aisle" of Home Depot for crayon and other small item storage containers.. Love the idea!

Haha cute! "Brain Sprinkles": take an empty spice container, create a cute label, then fill the container with beads and glitter. Shake the container over their heads, and...boom! They are revitalized. Sometimes I use them on myself. I love to give everyone brain sprinkles right before a test. Some even ask if I can shake a little extra sprinkles for them!

Quiet Spray: You spray the ROOM to signal children to get quiet. Or you can just leave the bottle empty. Mine love the mist in the air. It is so funny! {I do not condone spraying a child! As much as you might want to! Ha! ;)}-- an original idea from the Lemonade Stand...

I love this idea. Young students will determine how many dots are on the ladybug. Then, they open the wings to see the correct answer! Gorgeous and Effective.