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"Everybody has got to take a road trip at least once in their lives... just you and some music."

I make my own decisions..nobody can tell me what I am or I am not..I know who I am and what I want...I pray god takes care of me...I am XANADU!!...I love me ..

Good morning! Thank glad to know you are ok! At least I hope you are baby! Ready to escape?? I am..can't take these long days & longer nights! I Love You so very much!!!! Really, REALLY DO!! I hope all is well...I'll keep holding you very, very tight just in case! You'll be safe in my arms!! Please be careful! I miss you...Omigosh I Do!!!!!!!!! ***

20 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World

i want to travel across the world and breathe the air of new places

Travel Quotes ('Put down the map and get wonderfully lost.') - A3 Art Print. $19.00, via Etsy.

When it comes to typography, I am pretty open-minded. But I think this lettering makes it complicated to read. The "free-spirit" look detracts from the alphabet the designer is building.

I love travelling to new and exotic places, tasting new foods and meeting interesting people! Someday I will travel the world! For now I can dream about it!

So true. If I had money...I would buy trips, not things. The best times of my life are spent on road trips and vacations.