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  • Kirsten Farquhar

    Deer’s Skull with Pedernal, 1936, oil on canvas. Her inspiration to this painting was when she was living in New Mexico. The painting is very well detailed and she really brings the life into the skull with the bold colours. The background is an image of a mountain called ‘Pedernal’ which is a very personal view to O’Keeffe. This mountain was the view from her patio and she was so in love with the view. The branch really shows a good contrast and also it curves up in the shape of the mountain.

  • Melissa Tames

    Google Image Result for First "copy" that I've painted off another artist (of course it was done in high school) Love her style and boldness.

  • Ihering Guedes Alcoforado

    She also created what some think of as her key paint-ing of the year. Against a gray-clouded sky, above a series of red hills speckled with green scrub, a ram’s skull with a particularly full set of horns floats, somewhat mysteriously, next to a single white holly-hock blossom. Georgia O'Keeffe Ram's Head

  • Louise Weaver

    georgia o keeffe paintings - Bing Images

  • Jeni Ann

    Deer Skull with Pedernal - Georgia O' Keefe

  • Charley Parker

    Eye Candy for Today: Deer’s Skull with Pedernal, Georgia Okeeffe. Lines and Colors:

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Red Snapdragons. Georgia O'Keeffe, 1923. Am I the only person who thinks it's a great idea to put up prints of great art in your kids room and not just "kid stuff"? Won't the colors and shapes be stimulating? Could it lead to a greater appreciation for and creativity with artistic endeavors? Who knows. I'm going to find out.

"She cooks like Julia Child, drinks like a sailor, wears a splashy sarong skirts and big chunk diamonds in her ears to have her backyard bulldozed. The sarong and diamond look is the only time I notice what she has on. She also favours mid-thigh tunic tops and straight Capris, which look pretty good as long as the print is a big, boozy Georgia O’Keefe vision."

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