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:) I loved on the middle, feeling her whole tongue as I sucked on it like it was the best thing ever, one of my favorite things to do when kissing her..

/.\ I love how heavy and slow your breath gets when I'm on you... And how fast and sharp it gets when were reaching climax @.@ #.9 .... Its an unforgettable sound that replays in my head... Constantly /.\ I jux have to admit @.@ these are the little things that make a big moment @.@

I get that a lot lmao 😘☺️💙😂 even old women come up to me "oh my you have the most beautiful lips.. " thanks? 😂👍🏼 what can I say.. The fuller the better

This is how most of us feel about being around CY :) Atleast until you have a few Meet and Greet's under your belt :) Now I don't get nervous anymore :) He's just a normal person like the rest of us :) But I do have to say I love watching newbies walk out of the Meet and Greet's ;) LOL

This right here is the manual! Sheris daughter Brit is going to get her first kiss, I hope its this good!

If only you knew the way I look at you - when you have your back to me I smile wider than the sky - because I love you endlessly

Some say the eyes are windows to our souls. I disagree. Much can be deciphered when someone smiles. I can't get enough of an adorable smile!

I need the taste of your lips on mine... I need to feel your amazing body against mine...

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I need you; because you make me laugh more than anyone else, and I'm the best me when I'm with you. And because when you're gone, nothing feels right until you return.

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so true, don't settle for the guy that keeps you in the bad mood or makes it worst..seasoned advice =)